Thursday, January 22, 2009

butterfly magic!

my little tucson visit has been so nice. it began raining at almost the exact moment that my plane touched down, and the sun hasn't showed its face since, which is just fine with me. i know it's some kind of travesty, but i like winter and was feeling unprepared to abandon my winter layers, which has turned out to be unnecessary. i'd like to write little portraits of my friends here, but i need to do a little metaphysics reading before my host is up. maybe tomorrow. in the meantime, i'll say this: j.s. knows just the kinds of adventure that i like, and also the kinds of adventures of which i will be skeptical/petrified of but then love so much. here are some little videos from the butterfly magic exhibit at the tucson botanical gardens:


[NOTE: i am not under the influence of any drugs in these videos, but dumb with wonderment! jerk.]


mollyoh said...

no wonder it used to take you 45 minutes to walk to kindergarten. you're sweet.

Marcelo Daniel said...

I can go anywhere!
Friends to know and ways to grow - Reading Rainbow.

This was like a good episode of Mister Rogers. Thank you.