Thursday, May 01, 2008


hi friends. i finally cleared out my voicemail this morning, but then my phone fell out of my pocket on prospect and got run over by a car-- totally* kaput. god knows when i'll replace it. send me emails if you need anything-- i'll be sitting in front of my computer until monday, and after that i'll be as far away from it as possible for as long as i can manage. i guess then you'll have to send me a letter. or come find me! i miss all of your various faces.

as ever,

*actually, it seems like maybe if it rang, i could answer it. but maybe not. i'm just going to turn it off for now, but someone should help me figure this out later.

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The "Temp"ist said...

so I was thinking randomly about you today, nothing in particular. Then I get on facebook tonight (which I never do at home) and I come across the "gayforpay" picture, which leads me to your profile, which leads me to this blog. And I don't know why this tragedy of your phone haplessly slipping out of your pocket and getting ran over struck me as funny... Probably because I image your reaction was priceless, and I wish I were the first person to be there when the explanation went down. Long story short... Its been a hella long & low week, I desperately needed a laugh, and you pulled through for me in the clutch. Hope everything (besides the obvious) is going well for ya, sista! Mad luvins~ Joe K